Everything is Made of Clouds

by cavetown

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released September 19, 2013



all rights reserved


cavetown England, UK

18 yr old boy who wants to make music forever

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Track Name: Vacation with the Ghosts
running out of time, the train is passing by, You missed your ride
Don't you wonder why this happens to you every single time?

Check your watch you're gonna be late
This is an important day so I'll get out of your way and leave you with yr sketchbook this is gonna be great
Be careful dear, don't need a map
Cause boy, you'll know when you've joined the ghosts

This coat won't last forever
Build a wall around my brain and
Cover my bones with ice and snow , leave me to crystallise

Time goes on little angel
Track Name: Haunted Lullaby
I hope u sleep a little better tonight
Hope you remember that everything's gonna be alright
Pale yellow ceilings and crumbling doors
There's a ghost in your closet and spirits in yr walls

This forest isn't safe, there's your conscience in your way
It'd be better for me to stay in my bed just one more day
Track Name: Untitled
I know my hands aren't warm enough to hold your cold cold heart
And I know my bones aren't strong enough to keep me from falling apart

Did you know sometimes I dig into the carpet with my feet
And did you know that every night I play ur favourite songs on repeat, it helps me sleep
Because my hair is growing backwards and my knees are bending inwards
And monsters in the closet keep on giving me the shivers , even though it's probably just in my mind
Track Name: Earth
They said that this house had a haunted past
That mortals who entered would never come back
But screw it you said , who cares what they say
Someday we'll all be dead anyway

The walls closed around us like our flesh was its first
Our bones soon consumed us , I watched as they carried
My body away on a stretcher at last

It's not quite as peaceful as they said
Track Name: We found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (Cover)
I don't want to go to sleep
and I don't want to dream
On a table or on the floor
In a car outside at night in the snow
Waking up in someone else's bed
Something tells me I'm losing my head
I don't want to leave
Just dye my hair and sleep
The world is ending in my dreams
Every week for the last few years
When it really ends they'll fill my body with flames
You and i will be a household name
Track Name: 2am
crash and burn, someday we'll learn, but for now we can't get it right.
nothing hurts, you're in reverse, so just close your eyes tonight.
when you can't sleep at night
it's not because you have monsters hiding under your bed
i'm so sorry i can't make it right
cause dear the demons you're afraid of live inside of your head

please come home, i'm so tired of sleeping all alone
there's nothing left of me anymore, i'm just lying in a heap of your old clothes on the floor
i'm a mess, a damn disgrace, just a ghost with your face on the wall
Track Name: Unpopular boy makes a friend
I was laying in my bed one night
Well, how lucky am I to have somebody like you in my life
What where the chances we could wind up here?
We were born in the exact same year
And everywhere I go, I think it would be cool for you to know

The stars they remind me of ur smile
Please stay with me a while
I know you're something special
You've shown me something I can believe
in and I don't care that people don't like me anymore

Thinking school's just a waste of time
Stars are falling in lines
And I asked you by the door
Do you ever think there's something more out there?

There's not much time to spare
We're slowly sinking six feet underground
But I'm staying right here
Because I'm happiest with you around

The stars they remind me of ur smile
Please stay with me a while
I know you're something special
You've shown me something I can believe
in and I don't care that people don't like me anymore