Another One Of Those Days

from by cavetown

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[C, E, Am, D7]
Cycling down town
Thought the fresh air would pick me up
Up up and away from the ground
But there’s no talking dog up here
[F, D7]
Blowing up balloons with my dear

[C, E, Am, F]
Hoped maybe I’d see a familiar face on my way
Passed by some cannabis seeds, it all smells exactly the same
I saw a girl in my dreams but I don’t remember her name
I guess it’s just another one of those days when I’m missing everything

[C, E, Am, D7]
Carousel round and round
Like a kid’s toy you wind me up
And I’ve got nothing to say
So you just throw me in the dump truck
[F, D7]
Hoping round the corner I’ll see her

[C, E, Am, F]
Passed that kid from chemistry who made fun of my name
He didn’t look very happy, I guess we all turn out the same
I saw a girl in my dreams, she kissed me on the face
I guess it’s just another one of those days when I’m missing everything

[D7, C, Em, D7, F]
When she shows up she can sit on my shoulders
Cause I’m so strong, I wish
Piggy back ride to the hill, then we roll down
Feeling like kids for the rest of our lives

[C, E, Am, D7]

[F, D7]
Hoping in the morning I’ll meet her

[C, E, Am, F]
But for now I’ll just be lonely, and my arms will feel so bare
Dreaming ‘bout her body round me, with my fingers in her hair
It might be so easy, but I am just too scared
Cause I saw a girl in my dreams, but she doesn’t like me


from LEMON BOY, released January 1, 2018
I'm not great at talking to people and socialising so I get pretty lonely. I just like to hang on to the fact that each day I get closer to meeting someone I'll love forever, it just gets frustrating not knowing how close (or far away) I am. That's what this song's about.


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cavetown England, UK

gonna make music forever

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