It's U

from by cavetown

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This is a new and improved version of an old song I wrote that you can find here:


(Capo 5)

[Em, EmMaj7, G, Cm]
I guess it's just another one of those nights
When I'll spend way too much time
On something so small that no one really cares about at all
I guess it's just another one of those thoughts
And I can't really find a cause
Whether it's all just in my mind or something more here in my life

[G, Gmaj9, Em, A7]
It's u, it's u
Oh god, it's u
It's u
If you're awake then I am too
If you're lost then I'll find you
If you're hurt then I'll fix you
If you go blind I'll describe the view
If you can't feel then I'll hold you
If you fall know I've got you

[G, Gmaj9, Em, A7]

[Em, EmMaj7, Em7, Cm]
And if you fall down too far and I can't see you through these marks
And your eyes are covered in scars, and my head's filling with tar
Don't worry we'll find another way out

[G, Gmaj9, Em, A7]

[Em, EmMaj7, G, Cm; G, Gmaj9, A7, G; Em, EmMaj7, A7]
Your silhouette doesn't look quite right
And I can never find the time
To bury my hands in words
I'd grow a new kind of evergreen tree, just for you and me
On second thoughts, will you even remember me?

[G, Gmaj9, Em, A7]
But it's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u
Is it me for u?


from LEMON BOY, released January 1, 2018
I wrote this a long time ago about someone I cared way too strongly about. It was tearing me apart how much I loved them but I couldn't let myself admit that was the reason I was feeling so awful. I'd let them trample all over me, give up sleep to talk to them, forfeit my own happiness for theirs, but they'd always end up making me feel stupid and like I meant nothing to them. I'm still not sure if that was a legitimate conclusion to draw from it or if I was just delusional. Looking back it was pretty toxic, but they've grown up a lot and are a lot kinder now. Writing this was my way of accepting how I felt (I've moved on now)


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cavetown England, UK

gonna make music forever

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